Canada-based energy services company ShawCor’s pipe coating division, Bredero Shaw, has won a contract from Statoil Norway to provide oil and gas pipeline coating services for the Edvard Grieg oil pipeline and the Utsira High gas pipeline projects in North Sea.

Under the $30m contract, Bredero Shaw will apply three layer polypropylene anticorrosion coating, internal flow efficiency coating and concrete weight coating to about 98km of 16in pipe and 46km of 29in pipe.

The two pipelines will deliver oil and gas from the Edvard Grieg oil field and Ivar Aasen gas field located in North Sea, respectively.

Oil produced from the Edvard Grieg field will be transported to Sture, Norway, through a tie in of the Edvard Grieg oil pipeline to the existing Grane oil pipeline.

The gas produced from the Ivar Aasen gas field will be supplied to St. Fergus, Scotland through a tie in of the Utsira High gas pipeline to the Sage system.

The Edvard Grieg field (formerly Luno) is located in the Utsira High area of the Norwegian North Sea.

Bredero Shaw will perform the pipeline coating work at its facility in Leith, Scotland during the final quarter of 2013.