The National Library of Scotland has installed energy efficiency technology, through the implementation of Voltage Power Optimisation system from powerPerfector, an energy management company, to reduce electricity costs.

The introduction of Voltage Power Optimisation is expected to result in 10% drop in the library’s electricity costs, with an annual saving of over GBP18,000 and 140,000kg of CO2, enabling the library to get return on investment within three years.

Voltage Power Optimisation improves the power quality and optimizes the voltage supply level to facilitate the efficient operation of electrical equipments, so that they consume less energy and reduce the organization’s carbon footprint and energy costs.

National Library of Scotland librarian and CEO Martyn Wade said that as with any business in the current climate, the library is keen to reduce costs and had looked extensively at the energy efficiency market.

“These new measures appealed, not only because of the significant reduction to our electricity bills but the power quality benefits that would help secure supply to the building,” Wade said.