SCANA and Santee Cooper have amended the interim assessment agreement with Westinghouse Electric Company, regarding the nuclear construction project at the V.C. Summer nuclear station in the US.

The primary amendment is the extension of the term of the agreement through June 26, 2017, subject to bankruptcy procedures. The agreement allows for a transition and evaluation period, during which South Carolina Electric & Gas Company (SCE&G), principal subsidiary of SCANA, and V.C. Summer Nuclear Station project co-owner, Santee Cooper, can continue to make progress on the site.

During this period, Fluor will remain in its current role, and the project's co-owners will continue to make weekly payments for work performed during the interim period.

The agreement extension allows the co-owners additional time to maintain all of their options by continuing construction on the project, while examining all of the relevant information for a thorough and accurate assessment to determine the most prudent path forward. 

The goal is to reach a decision that would balance the needs of its customers and stakeholders.