SAIL Venture Partners said that its portfolio company Xtreme Power, a provider of Dynamic Power Resources (DPRs), and Xcel Energy have formed a partnership to deploy a 1MW system to collect operational data on the integration of energy storage and solar energy systems in US.

The system will be installed at the Solar Technology Acceleration Center (SolarTAC) in Aurora, Colorado.

SolarTAC is a private facility serves as a solar industry test bed to validate and demonstrate a variety of solar technologies.

The role of Xtreme Power’s DPR is to perform a number of energy storage and grid asset functions, including output smoothing, time shifting and forecast error mitigation for solar energy generated at the site.

The project aims to display the real-world results of integrating storage systems with solar installations, to more efficiently incorporate energy output from renewable sources onto the power grid.

The company said that the DPR will be operational at the site by the end of 2010.