bauer of America will start repair work in March on the Hodges Village dam in Massachussets, US.

Built in 1959, the dam impounds a dry bed reservoir which acts as an emergency measure, only holding water during flooding.

Owned by the US Army Corps of Engineers, Hodges Village dam does not have a water resistant core and during flood events of 1968, 1987 and 1993 water was found to be seeping through the dam. Consequently, Bauer has now been contracted to construct an impermeable cut-off wall.

The test phase for the work was completed successfully during December 1997 and January 1998. The main works will start in March and are scheduled for completion in July 1999. Throughout this period the reservoir will be kept in service, with other dams in the vicinity handling excess water should floods occur.

For excavation of the cut-off wall Bauer will utilise its GB50 hydraulic grab unit, the BC30 diaphragm wall cutter (mounted on a BS6100 base carrier crane) and the BC30 hard rock cutter.

Excavation work will be performed using the reverse circulation bentonite slurry technique, after which the trench will be filled with concrete.

In addition, auxiliary works will include construction of access roads, removal of the top of the dam embankment, construction of the working platform and guide walls, removal and installation of the drainage blanket and pavement and restoration works.