The launch of the solía brand and its ENERGY STAR-qualified solid-state LED downlight fixtures represents a technological milestone both for the Virginia-based lighting fixture company and solid-state lighting’s increasingly important role in advancing the green movement.

“Our newest generation of energy-efficient solid-state downlights is the result of continued commercial breakthroughs in the application of LED technology based on Constructive Occlusion®, our patented technology for the unique mixing and blending of multiple LEDs into one powerful light source, said Renaissance Lighting Chief Executive Officer, Barry Weinbaum. “Our products deliver the traditional lighting experience with all the advantages of using LEDs. The solía line of products broadens our breadth of LED luminaire applications, already the most diverse in the industry,” Weinbaum said during a news conference at the Greenbuild conclave to introduce his company’s solía brand.

“What separates our solía brand luminaires from the competition are the superior optical efficiencies that we continue to achieve,” Weinbaum continued. “We clearly have maintained our competitive technology edge thanks to Constructive Occlusion. This has allowed us to score a major hit in terms of simultaneously increasing lumen output while minimizing energy consumption. At the same time, we are able to address an increasing number of lighting applications,” Weinbaum added.

The advanced optical efficiencies of solía brand luminaires are defined by higher lumen output, improved efficacies, greater light intensity, and advanced foot candle distribution, all of which work together to reduce the number of luminaires needed to light a particular space while also enhancing return on investment and reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Renaissance Lighting also offers some of the most efficient LED downlights on the market with luminaire efficacies of about 50 lumens per watt. And like all of Renaissance Lighting’s LED fixtures, solía brand luminaires do not emit harmful ultraviolet rays or contain mercury.

Other important commercial and residential features unique to solía brand lighting include Insulated Ceiling, Air tight and covered ceiling/wet location options. Renaissance Lighting engineers have designed a thermal management system into all solía brand products that can safely maintain contact with above-ceiling insulation and other building materials.

The new solía brand joins Renaissance Lighting’s two other existing product lines, revia, Renaissance Lighting’s line of architectural-grade, all-white LED luminaires, which features 18 all-white solid-state ENERGY STAR-qualified downlight fixtures, and vivía, the company’s premium color-changing (red, green, blue) solid-state LED downlight, capable of producing more than 16 million vibrant colors.

All Renaissance Lighting products have impressive smooth, flicker-free dimming and are compatible with third-party controls to enhance customers’ lighting experiences.

Renaissance Lighting’s commitment to green technology has received broad recognition for its pioneering effort to establish the solid-state lighting industry’s first fixture recycling program and offers the selection of ENERGY STAR qualified white LED luminaires. The company also has received a number of third-party accolades including being named to the 2009 GoingGreen East 50 Top Private Company List, winning the national GoingGreen Top 100 competition, and being named by AlwaysOn as one of the OnDC Top 100 Winners.