This result saw EnBW exceed the E1 billion mark for the first time for EBIT in the first half of a year.

With these figures, the EnBW group has achieved the best first half result of its history and at the same time it has once again confirmed the continuity and robust planning achieved over the last three years, said Utz Claassen, chairman of the board of management of EnBW.

However, the earnings of the first half of 2006 do not yet reflect the regulatory influences of the Federal Network Agency on the network access charges, EnBW says. This influence of the regulation will become visible for the first time in the second half of 2006. EnBW therefore anticipates lower earnings in H2 due to regulatory influences.

EnBW increased its sales in all business segments, although the electricity arm contributed about 71% and the gas segment 24.3% to total sales.

The increased sales in the electricity business segment were also due to the significant 12.6% increase in the sale of electricity. This increase was mainly due to increased sales in the commercial sector and changes to the consolidated group, EnBW said in a statement.