The UK Energy Institute (EI) is hosting the Crown Estate’s offshore wind knowledge portfolio, which brings together more than 100 reports and publications.


The resource intends to help mitigate, reduce and manage risks and costs for developers in the offshore wind sector.

It is available at the EI Knowledge Service and has been categorised into 11 different themes.

The themes include asset management, construction, cost reduction, supply chain, skills, planning and consenting, health and safety, project economics and finance, grid, technology and innovation, and operation and maintenance.

The Crown Estate head of offshore wind Huub den Rooijen said: "As manager of the UK seabed, our part goes beyond that of a landlord and we play a strategic role in helping to identify the common challenges the offshore wind industry is facing and put them on the agenda.

"By making the wealth of knowledge we develop available through the EI’s well-respected Knowledge Service we can help create a ‘one-stop shop’ for industry that more effectively shares best practice, avoids duplication and therefore helps to bring down costs and further unlock the potential of offshore wind over the long term."

EI knowledge and technical director Martin Maeso said: "This partnership with The Crown Estate strengthens our resources to support those working in offshore wind and provide guidance and research on a variety of technical issues facing the sector."

Image: The Crown Estate’s offshore wind knowledge portfolio intends to help mitigate, reduce and manage risks and costs for developers in the sector. Photo: Courtesy of The Crown Estate.