Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corp. (RBRC) has reported that its Call2Recycle program has reported a 9.6% increase in its collection of rechargeable batteries over 2007, with 6.9 million pounds of rechargeable batteries recycled through the program in 2008. The Call2Recycle program stands as a efficient solution for handling rechargeable battery disposal.

“Many factors contributed to this year’s success, including new partnerships and the expansion of our collection program to include a new battery chemistry. But more than anything, continuous support and ongoing involvement from our retail, consumer and community partners has helped us grow our collection efforts year over year,” said Carl Smith, chief executive officer, Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC). “Particularly as more attention is paid to the disposal of electronic waste, the Call2Recycle solution stands out as a viable means of handling rechargeable battery disposal.”

The following activities and programs are among the key drivers in this year’s success: – Call2Recycle partnered with, leveraging the site’s readership to raise awareness for rechargeable battery recycling. Battery recycling was the site’s top search term in 2008, underscoring the importance of extending the reach of Call2Recycle via another like-minded environmental organization. In addition to a comprehensive search engine for collection locations, the site now includes content on rechargeable battery recycling to educate visitors and encourage participation.

Program Expansion – For the first time in seven years, Call2Recycle expanded its rechargeable battery collection program to encompass Nickel Zinc (Ni-Zn) batteries, making it the fifth rechargeable chemistry recognized in the program. PowerGenix, a rechargeable battery manufacturer, became the first Call2Recycle licensee of Ni-Zn.

Partner Initiatives:

Sony – Call2Recycle furthered rechargeable battery recycling awareness and encouraged consumer participation by bundling individual battery collection bags with each custom, built-to-order Sony VAIO notebook. This effort makes it simple for consumers to recycle the rechargeable batteries in the old laptop computers they replace.

DeWalt – During DeWalt’s “National Power Tool Battery Recycling Month” in October, consumers who recycled any power tool battery at one of its 87 service centers received a $10 discount on battery purchases.

Ritz Camera – Call2Recycle collection boxes are now placed in more than 140 Ritz Camera stores in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada and Oregon.

US Forest Service (USFS) – Around 500 USFS offices enrolled – and by extension their local communities – in the program.