Quellan Inc. (Quellan), a US based developer of analog integrated circuits, has introduced the new radio frequency (RF) noise canceller IC, QHx230. The QHx230, a complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor device, measures just 1 square millimeter in size and is capable of canceling a broad range of unwanted RF interference to improve receiver sensitivity.

A demonstration with off the shelf GPS PND’s showed the signal strength bars on the display instantly doubled in height for each satellite and three additional satellites appeared when the canceller was turned on.

The QHx230 incorporates a new interface that supports preset values for immediate deployment in mobile devices and laptop computers where EMI aggressors like camera buses or display drivers de-sense receivers, causing performance loss and end user dissatisfaction. This approach eliminates the need for external software development and baseband processing resources, thereby accelerating time to market and reducing power and PCB footprint.

Quellan’s noise cancellation is an enabling technology for adding wireless capability to high density, small mobile systems, said Robert Dobkin, chief technology officer of Linear Technology Corporation. Today’s mobile systems have fast digital processors that step on low level wireless signals, diminishing performance or even rendering mobile operation unusable. Quellan’s noise cancellation technology can get the signal back.

“The Quellan approach to the evasive noise problem is very innovative and profound, leading to an inexpensive solution for highly-converged mobile phone systems, comments Kenji Tsuda, a semiconductor technology analyst based in Tokyo. Quellan’s Noise Cancellers will greatly increase signal clarity even in weak-signal environments such as underground roadways or in high rise buildings, Tsuda continues, moving forward, we’ll see a wide variety of functional capabilities in a wireless system with Quellan’s Noise Cancellation, so consumers will enjoy clear high quality calls and mobile TV experience.

“As GPS devices in the after market become cheaper and the uptake increases, OEM’s need to ensure that their products have good performance across all use situations,” said Philip Gadd, vice president of marketing at Quellan Inc. “Research has shown that retail PND returns because of frustration with performance are one of the largest causes of customer dissatisfaction for this growing consumer market segment.”