PowerSecure International has secured $15m in new awards towards its Interactive Distributed Generation (IDG) smart grid power systems and utility infrastructure projects combined.

The awards are expected to be used for turnkey sales of products and services developed by PowerSecure. It is expected that 80% of revenues are expected to be realized before the end of 2012 and the remainder coming in 2013.

Of the $15m received vide these awards, $10m total for the IDG that include installations for hospital, data center, pharmaceutical, and industrial facilities. The rest of the $5m would add up for the utility infrastructure projects.

PowerSecure CEO Sidney Hinton said the awards add up nicely to the company’s revenue backlog for the second half of 2012.

"Our sales and marketing teams focused on these customer categories are making terrific progress – and we are bullish on the opportunities we have to serve these large and growing markets with our proprietary IDG solutions," added Hinton.