UK utility Powergen has launched a new trial with the aim of empowering residential customers to save energy through a better knowledge of their power usage.

The trial, which has been welcomed by industry regulator Ofgem, will see Powergen sending an energy statement each quarter to 3,000 of its customers across the UK.

The move comes as a response to research highlighted by the UK energy industry regulator that concluded customers were more likely to cut the amount of energy they use by up to 10% if they were provided with detailed information.

A simple chart details the amount of electricity and gas used by each household and compares it to the energy consumed 12 months ago. In addition, customers are given their percentage differences, the number of kilowatt hours used, and their average usage per day over the period.

The aim is to find out whether or not customers cut the amount of energy they use – and so their bills – when they see in detail exactly how much electricity and gas they use every day.

In a statement Powergen, which is owned by European super-utility E.ON, said that it was also hoping that the outcomes of the trial would help it to devise programs to assist customers to use less energy.