Parkson was responsible for the initial design of the Rabigh Sewage Treatment Plant including grit removal and screening, balancing tanks, denitrification, fine-bubble aeration, submerged hollow-fiber MBRs, and a permeate wet well.

In addition to overseeing installation and start-up of the plant that will provide process controls and 100% monitoring capabilities, Parkson will operate the facility under a six month operation and maintenance contract, with the possibility of longer-term operational responsibilities.

The sewage treatment plant has been designed to meet Title 22 requirements for unrestricted irrigation, recycling much of the wastewater effluent – at least 70% of the flow for landscaping irrigation throughout the residential community.

With the new sewage treatment plant that will need to remove 96-99% of the incoming BOD and operate under a maximum of 50 degree centigrade temperature, Parkson has demonstrated its ability to design an entire treatment plant and assimilate a full suite of processes and technologies.