Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas has introduced new product variants of the 3MW wind turbine platform.

The new product variants include V112-3.3 MW, V117-3.3 MW and the V126-3.3 MW, which are developed from the same technology as the V112-3.0 MW.

These turbines will provide increased annual energy production across low, medium and high wind sites, according to the company.

Vestas noted that the new variants are based on further optimization of the V112-3.0 MW nacelle in combination with a root extended 55m blade for the V117-3.3 MW and a structural shell blade for the V126-3.3 MW.

Commenting on the launch Vestas Wind Systems, CTO Anders Vedel said that the installation of a V126-3.3MW instead of a V112-3.0MW at a low wind site will boost the energy production by around 19.5% annually.

The first two prototypes of the V112-3.3MW were installed in Denmark and are said to be operating successfully, while the V117-3.3MW and V126-3.3MW prototypes are expected to be installed in July and August 2013.

The new 3MW turbines will be provided with Vestas’ existing services, solutions and options, including the company’s AOM 1000-5000 service packages.