PACIFICORP SAYS IT WOULD shut down its century-old power houses on the Link river in Oregon, US, rather than build fish screens for them.

The two plants, one on each side of the river, are rated at 4MW, contributing only a small amount to the utility’s annual power generation. The US Bureau of Reclamation owns the Link river dam while PacifiCorp operates it. A utility company official said the cost of screens outweighed the value of the power generated by the plants.
The US Fish and Wildlife Service has requested the utility to install the screens if the projects are to be relicensed. PacifiCorp is applying for a new license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for its dams and hydroelectric plants on the Klamath river. In its application, the utility is requesting approval to decommission the power houses on the Link river, while reapplying for a renewed license to operate the rest of its power generating dams along the Klamath, including the Iron Gate dam. These remaining five generators on the Klamath produce 151MW.