More light on the road:

The company said that Night Racer is a new high-performance lamp for motorcycles, whose particularly compact filament produces up to 90% more light on the road and creates with up to 35 meters a longer beam than standard lamps. With OSRAM’s Night Racer obstacles can therefore be clearly identified at distance. Even when traveling at high speeds riders have more time to respond. The patented blue ring coating reduces glare, such as in fog. Plus it helps to focus the beam better on the roadway. The lamp’s light is up to 10% whiter and more natural so it reduces eyestrain.

Xenon look plus safety:

According to the company, X-Racer makes a brilliant impression. Its 4,000 Kelvin colour temperature and blue coating of the entire lamp produce a bluish-white light akin to daylight and similar to a Xenon lamp. Besides its unusual looks, OSRAM’s X-Racer also provides greater safety on the road. Its different colored light is particularly noticeable. It means other motorists can identify motorcyclists quickly, thereby reducing the risk of accidents. For design-conscious bikers, who consider additional safety very important, OSRAM’s X-Racer is the best choice.

Cool packs:

In order to emphasise its affinity with bikes, OSRAM motorcycle lamps are sold in a compact box in the shape of a biker’s helmet, which makes a perfect spare lamp container. In countries that require not only lights on in daylight but also a spare lamp to be carried, it is the ideal accessory. Not only the box’s helmet shape, but co-branding it with Schuberth, one of the leading helmet producers, shows clearly that OSRAM’s Night Racer and X-Racer are tailored to the needs of motorcyclists. They are being launched in convenient double blister packs. These contain two lamps and a box for a spare. It means the headlight lamp can be replaced and the correct spare stowed ready for use at all times.

OSRAM’s Night Racer and X-Racer are approved for use on public roads throughout Europe. They are available as H4 and H7 lamps. Their distinctive marks are a silver cap and the blue-coated bulb, a real eye-catcher in any motorcycle headlight.