The Ontario government has announced the signing of contracts for six new wind energy projects in the province. New contracts lead to the installed capacity of the province reaching 1,500 megawatt (MW) from 782 MW, at present. Canada's total wind energy installed capacity is 2,369 MW, out of which one third is provided by Ontario. The announcement gives impetus to the Canada Wind Energy Association’s target of providing 20% of total power from wind energy by 2025.

Canada Wind Energy Association’s target, if met, will result in $79-billion in new investment and 52,000 new jobs. $165-million revenue will also be created for rural municipalities hit by declining traditional resource industries.

We believe that wind energy represents a tremendous opportunity for Ontario, Canadian Wind Energy Association President Robert Hornung, said. This announcement is timely in that it will help Ontario meet its future electricity needs while also supporting significant investment and job creation at a time when the province is seeking economic stimulus.

We look forward to further announcements of new procurement processes from the Government of Ontario that will continue the province’s momentum in growing wind and other renewables Hornung, said.