NACEL Energy Corporation (NACEL) has started collecting site specific wind measurement data at its Channing Flats project site in Moore county, Texas. It has installed a 60 meter (200 ft) NRG Systems meteorological tower transmitting data back to NACEL Energy, via an Iridium satellite uplink. As per the analysis of NACEL, the construction of a series of 10 megawatt (MW) phases is optimum at Channing Flats and that 20 MW, or more, of producing capacity might be achievable at build out.

The projects 20 MW of wind energy is enough to meet the daily needs of an anticipated 6,000 average American homes.

While the Channing Flats wind data is collected and molded, further development milestones are to be undertaken by NACEL. Further developments includes without limitation, interconnection engineering, turbine engineering and obtaining turbine debt financing. NACEL cautions that commissioning at Texas wind power project is not expected until the end of fiscal 2009-10 year, or later depending on future events.

Brian Lavery, chief executive officer of NACEL, said NACEL Energy is committed to updating shareholders and interested parties as important milestones at our wind power generation projects are achieved, or when other significant events occur. The successful ongoing collection and modeling of wind data at Channing Flats, as confirmed today, underpins our upcoming interconnection and turbine negotiations. Consequently, we advise the pace of development of Channing Flats (as well as of Blue Creek, our 30 MW Texas project, updated November 7, 2008) is proceeding satisfactorily and as contemplated by the company.