THE MPD METAL detector available from UK-based Amot Controls has been developed to signal the presence of metal particles, chips or dust in lubricating fluids due to bearing wear or other engine part problems.

The compact unit is designed with a corrosion-resistant anodised aluminium body and no moving parts, requiring minimal maintenance. Its grid-sensing technology, according to the company, detects all conductive materials, including non-metallic particles, in non-conductive fluid lubrication systems.

The device can be installed in a side stream of the lube oil/fluid on reciprocating or rotating compressors, pumps and turbines.

Used either with Amot’s MPD controller or an appropriate alternative controller, the unit can convert maintenance into a continuously predictive rather than reactive process.

Temperature rating is -29 to +148?C and up to 13.8 bar as standard.

A stainless steel version is also available for use in hazardous locations.

Tel: +44 1284 762222