MedSharps, a division of Marshall Shredding Company and a processor of regulated medical waste, has installed a commercially available steam autoclave in the San Antonio region to treat medical waste generated in the area.

Autoclaving uses a type of high-pressure steam sterilization to kill the bacteria or viruses that may be in the waste and does not emit dangerous gasses into the atmosphere like incinerating or require a chemical component like other options, so the public is at no risk for contamination.

MedSharps autoclave, which can process 13,500lbs of waste each day, allows for a single transport of medical waste generated from area health facilities to its own facility where every step of the process is controlled in-house, thereby eliminating the need to carry the waste out of town.

MedSharps president Rob Marshall said that the company is glad to provide South Texas with the safest, cleanest and most efficient way to process medical waste.

“As the area continues to expand, it’s important to have our own way to transport and treat this material with the least amount of handling possible,” Marshall said.