MeadWestvaco Corporation (MeadWestvaco) has introduced new Natralock security packaging solution at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Natralock is a sustainable alternative to traditional hard to open, plastic clamshells, and the new solution features an added layer of security with conductive ink technology that emits an audible sound or alarm when the package is tampered with or if the ink circuit is broken.

This alarm indicates a security breach and deters would be thieves from stealing the product inside. The built-in security allows maximum space for branding on the package, and the paperboard offers a higher quality look while maintaining the theft resistance critical to loss prevention.

“At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, we are demonstrating how packaging is an opportunity to add value to the products and brands in the electronics industry,” said Jeff Kellogg, vice president, Natralock security packaging, MeadWestvaco. “This is all the more true as packaging and technology seamlessly evolve in ways that benefit consumers, retailers and manufacturers. We’re showcasing a wide variety of secure technological advances, from packages that interact with consumers when touched or picked up, to materials that are easier for consumers to open, create minimal impact on the environment, and offer improved opportunities for product branding.”

The new Natralock is made from sustainably sourced paperboard and uses 60% less plastic on average than clamshells. The package effectively protects the product without compromising visibility or security, offering a solution that showcases the product and its brand. The next generation of Natralock packaging is lighter, and offers advantages that reduce warehousing, transportation and shipping costs when compared to petroleum-based packaging. It requires fewer components, and achieves dependable, superior price stability by relying less on PET and PVC plastic resins.

Natralock packaging increases production rates and efficiencies as well, sealing up to 40 to 60% faster on average. It reduces the need for manual labor by eliminating time-consuming insert sheets altogether. Natralock packaging can use existing sealing machinery, making the switchover from clamshells quick, easy and cost efficient.