The company has partnered with ThomasNet to create the site which offers information to support companies with their lubrication reliability programmes and decision-making process.

Lubrication Engineers internet services manager Gregg Barnes said the company’s goal was to create a platform that allowed it to provide more information to the customer and make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for.

"The feedback we are getting is that the site is significantly faster and simpler to navigate than our previous site," added Gregg.

The company noted the new site offers product information upfront on product pages, and not in PDFs, making the content more search-engine friendly.

With ThomasNet’s existing content management tool, the website can deliver enhanced visual experience with the use of colours, photos and overall design.

Another upgrade is the addition of a reliability solutions section to the home page, featured right alongside the industries and lubricants main sections.

An RFQ capability feature in the website enables visitors to create a request for quote directly from product pages.

The feature is considered to meet the needs of the estimated 53% of technical buyers and engineers who turn to supplier websites to conduct product research, Lubrication Engineers stated.

The navigational structure of the new site allows visitors to search for solutions for 17 major industries or by product as well as search for a solution by lubricant category.