Lightly Treading joins EGIA Energy Partners Program that allows manufacturers and other energy organizations to advance energy efficiency by accelerating the installation of home and business energy efficiency upgrades.

Lightly Treading and EGIA collaboration plans to offer contractors an array of programs, services and tools for increasing sales and reducing costs, to deliver energy efficiency and renewable energy systems.

EGIA Leadership Academy will offer web-based and in-person business development training in financial management, sales and marketing management, augmenting Lightly Treading’s existing technical training.

EGIA GEOSmart Sustainable Financing Solutions portfolio will provide term financing options to finance diagnostic equipments for home and business owners and leasing options for the contractors.

EGIA member contractors will gain preferential pricing and services for business insurance, employee programs, loss recovery, website development that will help Lightly Treading contractors to reduce costs and increase sales.

Lightly Treading principal and owner, Paul Kriescher said that Lightly Treading is very excited to join EGIA, and the new Performance Partners program, to provide turn-key business service programs specifically designed for the building performance contractors to advance building energy efficiency.