US-based midstream oil company JP Energy Development has announced an open season for its crude oil pipeline Kansas Express.

The new interstate crude oil pipeline, owned by JP Energy Development, an affiliate of JP Energy Partners, will be built in phases.

JP Energy has announced the open season for the phase one of the 133.5km long and 12in wide pipeline to transport crude oil from Coldwater in Kansas to Cushing in Oklahoma.

The open season will provide an opportunity for shippers to make long-term commitments for the pipeline, either to transport volumes of crude oil or acreage dedications for discounted rates both on the initial phase and future phases.

Phase one of Kansas Express is expected to begin services in the final quarter of 2013.

The open season will conclude on 29 March 2013.

Other points from where JP Energy plans to construct the pipeline are Kingman County and Ness County in Kansas and Cherokee in Oklahoma to a destination point at Cushing in Oklahoma.

The company will further extend the pipeline, subject to the future commitments it secures following the open season.

JP Energy further plans to build about 161km and 12in to 16in wide crude oil pipeline extending from Cherokee in Oklahoma to the
Cushing in Oklahoma.

In phase two, JP Energy will build approximately 128.7km and 8in to 12in pipeline from Kingman County in Kansas to the origin of JPE’s Coldwater Terminal in Coldwater in Kansas.

During phase three, the pipeline is expected to be extended by another 161km and 8in to 12in wide crude oil pipeline from a point in Ness County, Kansas to the origin of JPE’s Coldwater Terminal in Coldwater, Kansas.