The company has planned to build ten plants including a 5Mt/a atmospheric distillation unit, a 2.6Mt/a catalytic cracking unit, a 600kt/a continuous reforming unit, a 150kt/a benzene extraction unit, a 100kt/a polypropylene unit, and auxiliary utilities. According to the overall plan, the 5Mt/a refining renovation and expansion project will become operational in 2011.

China Petroleum Engineer & Construction provides EPC services of the project throughout the whole process of design, purchase and construction. Currently, half of the design work and long period equipment order has been done, construction of the underground trunk pipe network has been completed, and the main units began to be installed.

Upon completion, the 5Mt/a refining project will supply 1.67 million tons of gasoline and 2.29 million tons of diesel which meet the national ? and Euro ? standard to Ningxia and the surrounding markets annually.