ITC Great Plains has filed an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the approval of rates that would apply to ITC Great Plains's transmission projects in Kansas and elsewhere in the Southwest Power Pool region.

The application seeks Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval of a formula transmission rate for ITC Great Plains as an independent transmission company in the Southwest Power Pool (SPP).

According to the company, the application also seeks incentives for transmission projects that ITC Great Plains has committed to construct in Kansas, including the KETA Project, which would run from Spearville to a point near Hays, Kansas and then northward to Axtell, Nebraska, and the Kansas V-Plan, which would run from Spearville southward to Comanche County and then on a northeastern track to Wichita.

Carl Huslig, president of ITC Great Plains, said: “The filing of this rate proposal is end of efforts by ITC Great Plains and its partners in Kansas and the SPP region. The approval of this rate proposal would support ITC Great Plains’s investment in transmission that is needed in the state of Kansas and throughout the SPP region.”

ITC Great Plains was formed in July 2006 as a subsidiary of ITC Grid Development, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITC Holdings Corp. ITC Great Plains is a transmission-only utility which seeks to build a robust electric transmission system so that every electric customer in SPP will have access to low-cost energy.