The dam projects are scheduled for completion during the current Iranian year, which end March 2009.

Dams are being built at Seraidan in Iranshahr, Khair Abad in Nikshahr, Ladiz in Mirjaveh and Gelogah in Zahedan.

The Sistan-Baluchestan Regional Water Company stated that approximately Rials520B (US$56M) has been allocated to finalise dam construction in the current Iranian year.

In late 2007 the Ministry of Water Affairs said that there were 176 potential dam project. Some months earlier the number of dams under construction was given as 85, but fewer were completed by the Iranian year-end (20 March) due to poor weather, limited materials supplies and financial support.

Separately, according to reports by the local Mehr news agency, drought problems could lead to limitations on availability of hydroelectric power over the next few months in the country. The agency quoted the energy minister, Parviz Fattah, as saying the available storage could only provide about a quarter of the required 6.5GW of power.