IPG Photonics Corporation (IPG Photonics) has developed two new families of fiber lasers in the green UV spectrum range. The new lasers offer a high peak power with the scalable average output power up to 10W, pulse duration of 1ns only and a frequency of 50 to 600 kHz. The new fiber laser is more efficient and compact than a conventional laser, and is ideal for the applications in the solar/photovoltaic arena, resistor trimming and marking of transparent materials.

The new lasers will enable the company to enter the new markets and applications. At output wavelengths of 532 nm, the new pulsed 10W green fiber laser and the continuous wave (CW) 15W green fiber laser offer the high single-mode beam quality, ease of use and high reliability that the company’s fiber lasers are known to deliver at lower prices than competitive green lasers.

Featuring M2 of less than 1.2, the new green pulsed laser incorporates a collimator, and narrow line width at 532 nm.

The second green fiber laser introduced on January 23, 2009 is a single frequency and low noise CW green fiber laser that has output power greater than 15W, M2 of less than 1.1, and a line width near 2 MHz at 532 nm. The CW green fiber laser with a compact, rugged design is well suited for the Ti-sapphire pumping, entertainment and a variety of other applications where the highest coherency and the stability of visible laser emission are needed.

The two new green fiber families extend the tradition of innovations for which IPG’s fiber lasers are well known, including record wall-plug electrical efficiency, high beam quality, high reliability, low maintenance, ruggedness, compactness, low weight, and very essential economic advantages, said Valentin Gapontsev, chief executive officer of IPG Photonics. Our newest lasers are a direct result of combining our advanced fiber laser platform with the latest state-of-the-art technologies of seed sources and nonlinear converters. IPG also is working to develop similar fiber laser sources with other emission wavelengths in the red, orange, blue and UV spectrum ranges.

The green CW laser will be introduced at the BiOS, Booth # 8226 and Photonics West, Booth # 1419 shows in San Jose, California on January 25, 2009. The company is ramping up its production of the new green lasers and volume production units are anticipated to be available in the second quarter of 2009.