Bhagat Singh Koshiyari, Power Minister of the newly created Uttaranchal state in india, has said that his government is looking for international IPPs to develop its power sector.

Speaking to the media on 24 December 2000, Koshiyari said that less than 5% of the state’s estimated power potential (nearly all of it hydroelectricity) had been developed until now. While the state government may in due course set up its own hydro utility – it is presently studying the experience of other states in this regard – Koshiyari hopes that multi-national giants in the power sector will come to the state to invest.

The state of Uttaranchal in north India borders Tibet and Nepal. It was set up in November 2000 by taking away the hill districts of Uttar Pradesh state, in response to the long-standing demands of the local population who wanted to have a greater say in their own affairs.