Grundfos Pumps Corporation (Grundfos) and SunPower Corporation (SunPower) have announced the dedication of 1.1 megawatt (MW) solar power system at the Grundfos facility in Fresno. The solar system features a ground-mounted, high-efficiency SunPower sun tracking system on a 7.5 acre site. Grundfos has received financing from Morgan Stanley under SunPower Access power purchase agreement (PPA). The system reduces carbon dioxide emissions generated at the site by around 2.4 million pounds per annum.

Carbon dioxide emissions reduced by the system is equivalent to removing close to 200 cars from California’s highways per year.

At the Grundfos site, SunPower has conducted the design and installation of the system, which make use of SunPower solar panels, with the SunPower Tracker system. The Tracker follows the sun’s movement during the day, rising sunlight capture by up to 25% than conventional fixed-tilt systems, while reducing land use requirements.

Grundfos is purchasing the power generated from the system from Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley owns and operates the system. As a result, Grundfos will benefit from immediate savings and a long-term hedge against rising peak power prices. Grundfos owns the renewable energy credits associated with the solar system.

Grundfos is committed to improving our business practices and reducing our environmental impact, said David Mortensen, senior vice president of finance and quality manager for Grundfos. This high-efficiency SunPower solar power system will help us significantly reduce costs while improving the quality of the environment for our employees and the greater Fresno community.

Improving our region’s air quality is a primary goal in Fresno, said Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin. I am very pleased that Grundfos, as a major employer and business leader in our city for more than 30 years, has chosen a high-efficiency solar power system to maximize the amount of clean, emission- free solar power generated at their facility.

Today, leaders like Grundfos understand the value of solar power technology to significantly reduce both operational costs and the levels of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, said Tom Werner, chief executive officer of SunPower. With a SunPower Access PPA, these systems require no upfront capital expenditure, and are a great hedge against rising electricity rates. With high-efficiency SunPower technology, Grundfos is assured that the system is maximizing the amount of clean, renewable power generated for their facility.