Green Energy Management (GEM) Services, a national energy management company, has secured a five-year water efficiency installation and maintenance contract from Keystone Holdings, a residential and commercial real estate developer, located in Miami, Florida.

The contract that entails installing and maintaining AIRLOCK valves across Keystone’s 14 properties, beginning with Keystone Palms, a residential property in Miami is estimated to provide Keystone Holdings with as much as a 30% annual savings in its water and sewer costs.

Green Energy Management, which will receive 50% of the savings over the life of the contract, expects to raise interest in AIRLOCK among other developments in the area to facilitate efficient water utilization, through this project.

AIRLOCK is a proprietary, patent-pending device that has been designed to accurately measure water flow from water provider by compressing the accumulated air in the pipes that allows water to flow through the meter with the air undetected, and results in a reduced water bill.

Green Energy Management CEO Michael Samuel said that by installing AIRLOCK, Keystone Holdings should achieve significant savings in its water and sewer costs at Keystone Palms and it looks forward to installing AIRLOCK at more of their properties in the near future.