The LNG mega-terminal’s operations are powered by three GE10 low-emission gas turbines – two GE10-1 single gas modules and one GE10-1 dual fuel gas turbine, providing a total power output of 30MW to provide optimum energy efficiency.

The terminal is moored in waters 30-meter deep that is owned and operated by Adriatic LNGand. A concrete box that rests on the sea floor and houses two LNG storage tanks. Overall, the facility is 375 meters long by 115 meters wide.

The new gas mega-terminal will increase Italy’s regasification capacity by 200%. It has two LNG tanks with a combined annual capacity of 8 billion cubic meters – representing around 10% of Italy’s yearly gas demand.

The Adriatic LNG operated terminal receives LNG shipments from Qatar (80%), Egypt and Trinidad (remainder) twice a week. The LNG is regasified at the terminal and then transported to an onshore metering station, before it enters Italy’s gas network.

Claudi Santiago, president and CEO of GE Oil & Gas, said: “Adriatic LNG and its Qatar Petroleum, ExxonMobil and Edison owners have made the strategic vision of offshore LNG a here-and-now reality. We are delighted that GE technology is helping to deliver this remarkable achievement, especially given the important role that LNG plays within a diversified energy mix.

“I’m also proud that GE equipment is supporting the project on the supply side through the import of LNG from the RasGas Train-6 in Qatar.”