The new contractual service agreement (CSA) follows similar agreements previously signed for five RasGas liquefied natural gas (LNG) trains and the Al-Khaleej Gas (AKG) Plant-1, bringing GE’s total services commitment at the site to more than $1 billion.

Over the next few years, RasGas plans to supply LNG to a range of new customers around the world, including the US, following the startup of Train-6; and Asia following the startup of Train-7.

Engineering and construction work for the two trains began in 2005. Train-6 is scheduled to come online in 2008 and Train-7 in 2009. The new CSAs will cover six GE Frame 9E gas turbines and seven GE Frame 6B gas turbines to be used for compression and power generation service on the two new trains and the AKG Plant-2.

In total, the GE CSAs for the seven trains and two plants at AKG, cover 35 gas turbines at the site for a period of 24 years.

Hamad Al-Mohannadi, RasGas’s managing director, said: The latest service agreement builds upon the strong relationship that we have forged with GE Energy over the years. It is critical for us to have access to proven technology and services that are customized for our specific needs, allowing us to maintain the reliability of our LNG and gas production. This agreement will support us in continuing to provide our clients around the world with clean, efficient energy.