Under the deal, GE will provide comprehensive service to ensure reliable wastewater treatment at the facilities.

GE Water & Process Technologies will be responsible for maintenance of ZeeWeed membrane bioreactors (MBR), electrodialysis reversal and reverse osmosis equipment at the facilities.

ZeeWeed 500 technology of GE purifies water by segregating particles, bacteria and viruses from it.

Additionally, GE will also offer digital technologies for monitoring filtration equipment at the site.

GE Water & Process Technologies will use its remote water monitoring system called InSight to reduce unplanned downtime, improve performance and cut down operating cost.

InSight uses secure remote monitoring technology, big data and analytics to provide crucial information for smoother operation of water and process operations.

Previously, GE had signed a contract with the firm to provide equipment as part of renovation of Bashneft’s water treatment facilities.

Following renovation, the new water treatment facilities will produce 84000 tons of pure water per day.

GE Water & Process Technologies president and CEO Heiner Markhoff said: “We are very happy to be cooperating with Bashneft. This high-tech solution will help Bashneft meet their wastewater and water reuse needs as well as ensure their operations meet stringent environmental standards.

“Now, by utilizing our membrane experts and process analysts to service, monitor and maintain the MBR and water treatment equipment, Bashneft can focus on their core business.”