When complete, the facility will have the potential to recycle over a billion gallons of water annually while also improving the quality of water that leaves the facility.

“Intel is committed to being a leader in environmental sustainability, especially in the communities where we operate. Reducing our environmental impact not only benefits our business, but is the right thing to do,” said Neil Tunmore, vice president and director of corporate services, Intel. “We are honored that GE has recognized us with an Ecomagination Award.”

Once operational, the facility will recycle industrial water discharged from the manufacturing process for reuse in facility systems such as cooling towers, scrubbers and abatement equipment. In addition, the water discharged to the municipal wastewater treatment system will be cooler and cleaner.

"In recognition of Intel’s sustainability initiatives and its commitment to protect our planet’s precious resources, we are pleased to present Intel with the GE Ecomagination Award," said Kevin Cassidy, global leader, engineered systems—GE Water & Process Technologies. “This water recycling facility is a great example of how industry can use existing, integrated technology solutions to help further global sustainability and drive business value through water reuse.”

Intel’s founders instilled a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, and the company has been pursuing sustainability through environmentally responsible operations and innovative technology solutions for decades.

GE’s Ecomagination Award recognizes the achievements of its global industrial users and top GE customers that implement innovative solutions driving business value and environmental benefit. GE presented Intel with the Ecomagination Award at today’s celebration ceremony, which was held in conjunction with World Water Day.

“Water scarcity is an increasing challenge both globally and locally. Industrial water use is expected to grow 250% by 2030, which is nearly one-third of all global water use. Today, we only reuse about 4 percent of wastewater, so using technology and processes designed to minimize water use will be key to adapting to a water constrained world,” said Deb Frodl, global executive director, Ecomagination, GE.

Sustainable water management is key to Intel’s continuing commitment to environmental responsibility. The company’s water strategy includes:

Reduce: Investing in innovative water conservation practices within their global operations. Since 1998, Intel has conserved more than 52 billion gallons of water. In 2015, it saved 820 million gallons of water in Oregon through water conservation efforts.

Return: Returning a significant portion of the water used back to local communities. In 2015, Intel returned 80% of the water its used in Oregon.

Reinvent: Empowering others to reinvent water use by integrating smart technologies that drive conservation.