GDF SUEZ has created a new brand, COFELY, for its energy services activities. For France and the UK, the new COFELY name will immediately replace Cofathec and Elyo as the companies merge in each country. The new brand will be gradually adopted by the other energy services companies within the energy services business line, specifically in Spain and Italy, Axima Services in Belgium, GTI in the Netherlands, as well as Axima in several European countries.

With this move, GDF SUEZ is improving its ability to offer a combination of expertise in energy and environmental performance, the production and distribution of local and renewable energies, and service integration through multi-technical services, whether in the fields of engineering, installations, or operations and maintenance.

More than half of the revenues from the Energy Services Business Line, which totaled EUR14 billion in 2008, will be generated under the COFELY brand name, thanks to 35,000 employees working in more than 15 countries.

COFELY is currently the leading European brand for environmental and energy efficiency services. The new name will support the development of our Energy Services Business Line to better meet the needs of our customers, both businesses and municipalities, says Jérôme Tolot, member of the GDF SUEZ executive committee in charge of the energy services business line.