Adding of MEG in a gas flow will avoid hydrate formation. Hydrates can occur in the pipeline when the temperature is low and the pressure high.

The consent applies to the two sub-projects:

Tie-in of P12 gas pipes from Troll A, including reception and auxiliary systems

Making the terminal more robust and increasing the capacity

– upgrade of MEG regeneration facility

– upgrade of water treatment system

Tie-in of new pipeline P12 from Troll A with construction of receiving and auxiliary systems is a part of decreasing the pressure losses from the field and thereby maintaining the current production capacity.

The project to make the terminal more robust is part of the upgrade of the Kollsnes facility for high regularity and capacity in the future.

The existing MEG facility has had major wear due to corrosion, and the MEG trains must therefore be replaced with new ones. These will be built using a more resistant material while at the same time the capacity will be expanded and adjusted to future needs.

The facility’s water treatment capacity has not been upgraded, while at the same time, the processing capacity for gas has increased over time, for example with the tie-in of the Kvitebjørn field in 2003. It is now necessary to expand the water treatment capacity as well as making it more robust.

The projects were initiated by the owners of Troll as an assignment for Gassled joint venture and the operating company Gassco, and the decision to implement the projects was made in February 2006.

As the operator of the Kollsnes process facility, Gassco will be formally responsible for the development on behalf of the owners.

Statoil ASA represented by NG P&T which is the company representative for the technical services provider agreement, has been given the responsibility for the implementation of the project on behalf of Gassco.

Planned start-up of the construction work is in January 2010, and the new facilities will be ready for regular operation in March 2012.