Spain-based Gamesa has secured orders to supply 83MW of its turbines at six wind farms in France, Italy, Greece and the Netherlands.

Under the contract the Netherlands, Gamesa will repower several wind farms, replacing the old turbines with three of its G58-850 kW model and ten G52-850 kW turbines, with a total capacity of 11MW.

The other three orders require the company to supply 35MW wind turbines in France, where eight of G97-2.0MW turbines at the Quatre Vallées III complex located in the town of Coole, in Northern France.

The turbines will be delivered during the last quarter of 2016 and the project is due to be commissioned in early 2017. As per the contract, Gamesa will also provide operations and maintenance services for 15 years.

Gamesa also received another contract for the turnkey construction of 11MW wind farm at Loire Valley, where it will supply G114-2.1MW turbines. These turbines will be delivered by the end of this year and the commissioning is due in March 2017.

It will also supply four of its G97-2.1MW wind turbines for another wind farm in Brittany which is expected to be commissioned in 2017.

In Italy, ithe company won a contract to supply ten of its G114-2.1MW turbines and three of G114-2.0MW turbines, with a total capacity of 27MW. The wind facility is being developed in South of Italy.

The contract in Greece entails Games to supply and install twelve of G52-850kW turbines for a wind facility located in the island of Eubea.

Gamesa said that with these contracts, it continues to penetrate much deeper into Europe Middle East and Africa region, from where it has 27% of sales in the first quarter of this year.

Image: Gamesa to supply wind turbines with 83MW capacity to different locations in Europe. Photo: Courtesy of Gamesa.