Fuji Electric of America (FEA) has installed a 125MW steam turbine generator at the Green Electron Power project in Ontario, Canada.

The steam turbine generator was installed at the 300MW combined cycle power plant, which is one of the 30 natural gas generating stations in the province. The plant has been developed with an aim to improve air quality, while providing reliable power to province’s grid.

At the facility, Fuji has installed its KN model turbine, which is a two-cylinder, reheat condensing unit, with a totally enclosed water to air cooled (TEWAC) generator.

Greenfield South Power has entered into a 20 year Clean Energy Supply Agreement with the Independent Electrical System Operator of Ontario and the project is part of the province’s clean energy, “off coal” plan.

As part of the “off coal” plan, the plant is expected to add to the air quality in Ontario. Major equipment at the plant includes one combustion turbine generator, one heat recovery steam generator and one steam turbine generator.

The plant will use natural gas as the sole fuel source. Cooling of the plant will be taken care of by wet mechanical draft cooling tower.

This project is part of the Canadian province to replace all of its coal-fired electricity generation with new and clean natural gas-fuelled generation. The overall thermal efficiency of the plant is also expected to be significantly higher than coal fired facilities or simple cycle combustion turbine generator facilities.

Mr. Gregory Vogt, President of Greenfield South, stated “The Fuji KN Triple Pressure Steam Turbine is a very nice package that we would be happy to recommend to other projects in North America.”

“With natural gas making up about 25% of the installed electrical generation capacity in Ontario, this project supports the province’s long-term goals,” added Mr. Lardner. “Fuji Electric is known worldwide for providing our customers with the solutions they need to achieve their objectives, and it is these strong partnerships that have contributed to our success over the past 94 years.”

Image: Fuji Electric's Steam Turbine Generator Green Electron Power Project St. Clair Township, Ontario (Oil Springs Line near Greenfield Rd). Photo: Courtesy of Fuji Electric Corp. of America.