ExxonMobil has completed the commissioning of new units to produce ultra low sulfur diesel at its Baytown, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana refineries.

This will enable ExxonMobil to increase the supply of low sulfur diesel by over 3 million gallons a day from the refineries, and allow for reduced emissions from diesel consumption when used in modern engines.

In December 2008, ExxonMobil had revealed plans to invest over $1bn in three refineries to increase supply of ultra low sulfur diesel.

The projects, located in the US and Belgium, required construction of new hydrotreater units at each facility, as well as modification to the existing facilities.

Completion of commissioning activities in Antwerp is expected later this year.

The company said that ultra low sulfur diesel is commonly used to run everything from tractor-trailers, buses and marine vessels to off-road equipment such as backhoes, threshers and locomotives.