The European Commission has envisaged a comprehensive EU legislation on oil platforms aimed at ensuring the safety standards.

In the communication on the safety of oil and gas activities, the commission contemplates new EU standards, including criteria for granting drilling permits, controls of the rigs and safety control mechanisms.

Energy commissioner Gunther Oettinger said that safety is non negotiable and they have to make sure that a disaster similar to the one in the Gulf of Mexico will never happen in European waters.

"This is why we propose that best practices already existing in Europe will become the standard throughout the European Union," Oettinger said.

In the communication, the commission recommends specific EU legislation on oil platforms, indicating that a formal proposal could be tabled early next year.

Such an EU wide approach is deemed necessary, as the environmental, economic and social damages caused by a possible offshore accident do not know borders.

The communication covers standards on the prevention, the response and the financial liability, which include granting permits, controls of oil platforms, standards for safety equipment.

The European Commission has screened existing rules on oil platforms, after the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico on 20 April 2010.