Eskom has procured two mobile substations to provide for the electricity needs of its customers in the North West Province.

These mobile substations are to be used as temporary back-up power to restore electricity supply to customers during instances when substation equipment is defective or is being repaired and also to provide supply during planned substation upgrades.

The sizes and voltage ratios of these mobile substations are not the same considering the network voltages and types of electricity loads in the province. They are named Sebata, 40 MVA 132-88/33-22 kV (which means Wild Beast), and Kganya, 20 MVA 132-89/22-11 kV (which means Brightness or Light).

The procurement process for the two mobile substations started three years ago and culminated with their commissioning this year. At the end of May 2016 the mobile substations, weighing 84 000 kg and 74 000 kg respectively, and an adaptor dolly (semi-trolley) weighing 51 000 kg were transported as abnormal loads from Springs in Gauteng to the Tlhabane Customer Service Centre in Rustenburg.