Entropic Communications, Inc. (Entropic) has launched its new c.LINK technology for MoCA home networking, the EN2510. Entropic's award-winning c.LINK technology is already deployed in millions of homes to deliver high throughput capable of handling multiple streams of HD video with operator levels of robustness and quality of service. The EN2510, is fully compliant with the latest MoCA 1.1 specification, DLNA interoperable and adds a number of feature enhancements over previous c.LINK solutions.

Single Chip MoCA Solution, Small and Powerful

A single chip MoCA solution, Entropic’s new EN2510 is the first c.LINK product to integrate the baseband MAC/PHY, analog front-end and the RF transceiver into a small 15×15 mm package. Fabricated in a 65nm advanced sub-micron process, the EN2510 will deliver PHY data rates in excess of 250 Mbps while significantly reducing power consumption compared to previous generations.

To facilitate easy integration into end products, the EN2510 provides an Ethernet interface configurable for MII, double clocked MII, GMII or RGMII operation. The chip also has integrated support for a PCI Express x1 endpoint for attaching to next generation set-top box and network processor chips, providing a future-proof investment.

We are proud to extend Entropic’s leadership in home networking with the introduction of our c.LINK EN2510, stated Patrick Henry, chief executive officer of Entropic Communications. This chip has higher performance, a smaller footprint and provides our customers with a lower overall system cost.

Delivering MoCA 1.1 Performance

The new EN2510 is designed to support the full breadth of the MoCA 1.1 specification, addressing the evolving needs of operators for more throughput, increased support for a greater number of MoCA devices in the home and a guaranteed quality of service that goes beyond simple packet prioritization.

Delivering a PHY data rate over 250 Mbps, Entropic’s EN2510 will also provide over 175 Mbps of MAC layer throughput available to the actual end application. With MoCA 1.1 and the EN2510, up to 16 different MoCA devices can be supported on a single home network giving operators additional opportunity to deploy more network enabled products and offer new services. The EN2510 software will support all the APIs necessary to enable a parameterized quality of service (PQoS) network where bandwidth can be reserved on a per application data flow basis. PQoS allows service operators to protect the subscriber’s viewing experience in situations where the network is oversubscribed with best effort traffic.