The production activities for the quarter commenced along with progressive restart of processing operations at the company’s Ranger uranium mine in June 2014 after the state and federal governments flagged the project.

Operations at the mine were suspended after a uranium spill in December 2013.

During the quarter, total evaluation expenditure and exploration expenditure totalled $19m and $3m compared to $3m and $17m in the corresponding quarter in 2013 respectively.

ERA said: "Milling rates were higher in the September 2014 quarter compared to the corresponding quarter of 2013.

"However, higher milling rates were offset by lower plant recovery resulting in lower production of uranium oxide compared to the corresponding quarter of 2013."

As of 30 September 2014, work on the Ranger 3 Deeps Exploration Decline continued and the face position reached 2,593m from the surface and underground exploration drilling was completed with an additional 53 holes completed.

Earlier this month, ERA filed a draft environmental impact statement with the Northern Territory Environmental Protection Authority and the Commonwealth Department of the Environment for its proposed Ranger 3 Deeps underground mine.