The Project will expand and extend the Bakken takeaway capacity of the system by 225,000 barrels per day (bpd) to a total of 580,000 bpd.

It was previously announced that Marathon Petroleum Corporation has been secured as the anchor shipper for the Project.

The expansion will involve construction of a new 375-mile, 24-inch diameter line from Beaver Lodge, North Dakota, the current terminus of the NDPC system at Clearbrook, Minnesota, adding 225,000 bpd to the existing 210,000 bpd of capacity.

The Project also includes a new 375,000 bpd, 233-mile, 30in diameter line to be built extending the NDPC system from Clearbrook to connect with the affiliated Lakehead Pipeline mainline terminal at Superior, Wisconsin.

The expected in-service date is the first quarter of 2016, at an estimated cost of $2.6bn.

The Project, in connection with the Partnership’s Lakehead System, will provide access to premium markets in the Midwest and eastern Canada.

This open season provides an opportunity for shippers to secure capacity on the NPDC system, as expanded by the Project, by making minimum volume commitments for the required term for either priority or non-priority service.