The coal gasification-to-synthetic natural gas plant will be constructed in the US in two decades.

The modular facility is a template for four additional clean coal plants that Secure Energy intends to construct in other parts of the United States. Emerson will establish automation and process control protocols that can be modified as necessary to create plants that are coal-to-diesel, coal-to-gasoline, coal-to-fertilizer or other clean coal processes.

In addition to Secure Energy, Emerson is working with nearly a dozen other alternative fuel companies.

Secure Energy will rely upon Emerson’s engineering expertise and digital automation technology to integrate the plant’s five process “islands” — air separation, gasifier, CO shift/hydrolysis, acid gas removal, and methanation — within the clean coal plant.

“Emerson provides the glue to confidently engineer and start up this modular project,” said Jack Kenny, Secure Energy co-founder. “We have five major engineering firms delivering the various processes of our plant, so we need Emerson’s expertise to make sure all the process automation is correct and unified.”

Secure Energy chose Emerson as its main automation contractor because of the company’s proven success in digitally automating coal gasification plants and multi-plant projects worldwide.

“We needed to minimize risk through consistent control and communication in the control room,” Kenny said. “Emerson’s experience with coal gasification in Canada and China made them a tremendous candidate for this strategic partnership.”

“Our MAC relationship will help provide certainty and predictability during commercial pursuit and during the project phase,” commented Steve Sonnenberg, president of Emerson. “We will collaborate with Secure Energy and its other suppliers to realize lower project risk, better cost control, seamless integration of all control and safety packages, long-term maintenance and operational savings, and improved logistics and inventory management.”

Emerson will supply Secure Energy with its product range and services that comprise PlantWeb digital plant architecture, an automation approach that networks intelligent field instruments and valves with systems and software to deliver efficient operations and predictive maintenance that maximizes plant availability.

The intelligent PlantWeb network includes Fisher FIELDVUE digital valve controllers and valves, Rosemount transmitters, Rosemount Analytical analyzers, Daniel flow meters, and Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters. Also supplied will be PlantWeb process control and asset optimization technologies including DeltaV digital automation systems and AMS Suite predictive maintenance software, as well as its digital safety system, DeltaV SIS. In addition to wired digital installation, many of the devices also use Smart Wireless technology for installation savings and easy access to remote or difficult locations.

Emerson will also support this strategic relationship with multiple Emerson technologies beyond process management, including U.S. Electrical Motors, Liebert products, and RIDGID Tools.

The Secure Energy project is a response to the growing demand for energy independence in the US and increased public concern about the environmental impact of coal as fuel. The US has 29 % of the world’s coal reserves. Coal gasification is one of the more environmentally friendly ways to utilize coal. The process also enables the CO2 produced to be captured and sequestered or used for other processes. Secure Energy plans to capture the CO2 produced at this plant.

Secure Energy is seeking a U.S. Department of Energy grant under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for carbon capture and sequestration facilities. Additional funding will be provided through private investors, including ARC Financial of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Emerson is a business of Emerson Electric Co.