Germany-based Elster has won a three-year contract from Hamburger Wasserwerke (HWW) for the supply of approximately 110,000 M100 multi-jet water meters.

The M100 wet-dial multi-jet water meter, has been approved by the European Economic Community for metrological classes C (horizontal) and B (vertical).

The meter has nominal flow rates of Qn 1.5 to Qn 15, can be mounted in any position and has optional pulse interfaces, a

The product is compliant with the latest European Directive 2004/22/EC and International ISO 4064 standards.

HWW supply chain management director Bernd Redmann said HWW plans to install the M100 multi-jet water meters from Elster as part of the company’s metering program.

HWW is part of Germany-based water management company Hamburg Wasser Group.

Elster is engaged in advanced metering infrastructure and integrated metering and utilization solutions to the gas, electricity and water industries.