The conference will be a forum for discussion and the dissemination of the latest ideas and developments in dam engineering. The conference program will include a number of Keynote Lectures delivered by distinguished researchers.

The scope of the conference is broad, covering all aspects of dam engineering. Specific themes are:

• Concrete and Masonry Dams
• Embankment Dams
• Appurtenant Works
• Tailing Dams
• Environmental Issues
• Finance and Economic Aspects

Topics to be included are:

• Roller Compacted Concrete Dams
• Concrete Face Rockfill Dams
• Methods of Analysis and Design of Dams
• Dam Foundation
• Seismic Analysis
• Stability of Dams and Slopes
• Dam Monitoring and Instrumentation
• Safety Assessment
• Operation and Maintenance
• Rehabilitation and Dam Heightening
• Concrete Swelling Processes
• Risk Assessment
• Warning Systems
• Geomembranes for dams
• Dam Management Systems
• Design Innovation
• Modelling and Testing
• New Materials for Dams
• Small Dams
• Joint/Interface Problems at Concrete Dams
• Sedimentation in Reservoirs and Related Problems
• Decommissioning of Dams

Deadline for submission of abstracts is 30 July 2010. Details on how to submit are included on the conference website at:

Thematic Sessions are also invited. If you wish to propose a session, for example based on the results of a specific research project, please send a proposal to the Conference secretariat via email: or, or by tel: (351) 218443361.

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6th International Conference on Dam Engineering