The agreement formalizes a close cooperation with EGI for the development and implementation of the EuroAsia Interconnector. The EuroAsia Interconnector is a leading European Project of Common Interest (PCI) labelled as an EU “electricity highway” connecting the national electricity grids of Israel, Cyprus and Crete-Attica, Greece through a 1,518km subsea HVDC cable.

Elia Grid International has been chosen as a strategic partner because of its vast experience with developing electricity interconnectors and projects at sea, such as the development, installation and exploitation of the 1,000MW subsea Nemo Link interconnector between the UK and Belgium. 

EuroAsia Interconnector enjoys a high ranking by the European Union and falls within the EU energy policy and contributes to the energy targets: The energy highway will bridge the two continents; with a total length of 1520kms, and creates a reliable alternative route for the transfer of electric energy to and from Europe.

It further ensures the security of energy supply of the three involved countries and of the EU system altogether, through the integration of the isolated small systems of Cyprus and Crete with the Israeli and European Network and the uninterrupted – multidirectional flow of energy. 

EuroAsian Interconnector: “As a wholly owned subsidiary, Elia Grid International (EGI) combines the best of both European electricity transmission system operators and embodies the international ambitions of the Elia Group by offering consultancy and engineering services on the international energy market.”