Terna reported that, in August 2006 the amount of electricity used in Italy, at 24.8 billion kWh, registered a 2.9% increase over the same month in 2005.

Terna also said that 50,297MW was the peak demand on the Italian power grid in August 2006. The figure was reached on August 1, 2006 at 11:00am, and comes in 4.6% higher than the figure recorded in the corresponding month of 2005.

An analysis carried out by Terna revealed that, at the national level, the demand for August 2006 rose by 2.2% in the North, by 3.2% in the center and by 3.7% in the South of Italy. Of the 24.8 billion kWh requested in August, 41% was distributed in the North, 30.2% in the center, and 28.8% in the South.

In August 2006, 88.2% of Italian electricity requirements were covered by national production, with the remaining 11.8% being covered by the difference between imports and exports.